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There is a lot of information available to guide someone in the purchase of a diamond.  There is only one fact that we would like to stress; selecting a diamond or fine piece of jewelry must be done in person.  There is no set of characteristics, such as the over-simplified “4-Cs”, that can guarantee beauty in jewelry.   In our store, you can look at diamonds of different qualities and price ranges to make an informed and confident decision.


Certification is an important part of diamond selection. Diamond grading is done in gemological laboratories specially designed to grade diamonds based on their symmetry, color, carat and other characteristics. These are reports, not appraisals. Grading from a qualified laboratory is important because a detailed certificate has to be provided to you at the time you purchase your diamond.  A lab certification allows you to be fully confident in your diamond’s grading.


But all labs are not the same. When the certificate of a diamond is viewed, the name of the lab that did the evaluation is given a great deal of importance. So before you buy a diamond, make sure the certification provided to you is from an independent, globally-accepted laboratory with a strong reputation. If the laboratory also brokers diamonds, there may be a conflict of interest when the diamonds they offer for sale are also evaluated by their own facilities. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the best known and most prestigious diamond grading lab. The GIA created our modern grading standards, the 4C’s. Its certification is considered by many diamond industry professionals to be the best. Certificates from GIA are given the topmost importance and preference. It is for these reasons that we primarily carry GIA certified stones. We want our customers to have full confidence that the diamond they are buying has been accurately graded.